03.01.2011 – researching

I wasn’t going to do any plier-work, my joints were giving me gip after a day of twiddling with chains and links. So I decided I’d re-do one corner of my living room, because I never was quite content with some of it, and after the Christmas tree had been there I didn’t want to put back what had been in there before (vase with artsy/funky fake flowers and black branches. That’s now in another corner, where I used to have a pink vase with different artsy bits which I never completely liked).

I surfed eBay for a retro mobile that would go with my retro mobile thingers that hang in front of the conservatory glass door. Found it, ordered, done. Then figured that I wanted a BIG acrylic painting on that narrow wall, so I did inspiration-surfing. I also measured and drew and doodled for a new desk that I’m building out of coloured glass bricks.

This is how the corner used to look like. Incidentally, the pic was taken during a sewing class with friends. I’m explaining the art of pattern cutting. 🙂


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