04.01.2011 – decorating

I had an idea for the acrylic painting, remembered that I had an enormous handmade embroidery frame in the loft, that an old friend and ex-partner had made for me in the late 1990s for an equally enormous Anglo-Saxon embroidery that I used to take to living history events. Lo and behold, it fit the wall perfectly. I just have to sew off a few bits, then stretch canvas over the frame (which I had in the loft as well), paint it white to have a good base (using wall paint, I think, which I have leftovers of in the shed) and then get going with primary colours, which I have flying around in the cupboard. If all goes well this will cost me nothing to a few pennies.

I had a brainwave and thought, hang on, I want something clear and simple, like numbers or letters, and since IKEA had a numbers poster I wasn’t going for those. Letters it would be, then. Off I went to my beloved Wordle.net and played around with it. What I came up with is the following.


One thought on “04.01.2011 – decorating

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