06.01.2011 – researching

Today I’ve mostly been planning and researching for projects. I am sooo tired, I better not test out my new power saw, or I might lose some fingers as well. That wouldn’t be very clever. It does make a brill noise, though, all raring and ready to go.

I researched Louise Brooks, because I am pondering to let my hair grow into her style, so that’s creative, no?

Let’s just say I refuse to put myself under pressure and when we really think about it, a LOT of things are creative and not necessarily always have to “produce” something. Thus I have declared that sorting through things in the loft counts, too. Especially when sorting in the name of projects.

Oh, hang on, I did make something, after all. I made a windscreen shield/cover against the ice. Granted, that just meant cutting off a length of radiator foil, but … every little thing counts. The point is, folks, to give yourselves positive experiences and emotions.


2 thoughts on “06.01.2011 – researching

  1. I think the haircut will look lovely Nick. Can’t wait to see you with the cut when it has grown out.

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