07.01.2011 – sewing

The blasted arthritis decided to flare up, as it does sometimes, coinciding with a new bout of snow. It’s no coincidence, of course, no matter how much I like to ignore it. This resulted in being terribly tired thanks to the codeine, and I vegged out on the sofa with the netbook. However, just to prove that despite work, painkillers, snow and tiredness the day wasn’t a creative write-off, I proudly point out that I searched for, downloaded and printed lots of lovely free Burda patterns. They are fabulous. less fabulous is the fact that my printer is an annoying so-and-so and needs the paper fed almost by hand. I might have to threaten it with a spanking, maybe that helps? 😉

Even if you don’t speak German, the Burda site is a fabulous treasure trove. Many wonderful patterns are free, and the downloadable rest is all sold for 3.99 Euros. I’ve bought many a pattern there by download as PDF, which then gets printed and cut. It’s ever so convenient and much cheaper than store bought patterns. Also, I prefer the German fashion patterns to any other sewing patterns I get here in the UK.


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