08.01.2011 – internet


Saturday turned out to be a total flump, thanks to the annoying A (as I shall call the arthritis from now on) which had got worse. After I’d done chores of picking up stuff from the post office (my funky retro mobiles arrived!), grocery shopping, getting fuel, perusing the cheap & cheerful store (where I got purple 1.5 kg mini dumbells to exercise my wonky rotary cuff shoulder muscles for a bargainous 3 quid! Oh, and I also bought the first decorations for my annual summer party, which this year will be under the theme of Arabian Nights, but more on that later) picking up a parcel from Boots (love the free delivery to the local store) and then shovelled the blasted snow for almost an hour, I was

  • a) poor (thanks, 2.5% VAT rise *GRRRRRRR*),
  • b) exhausted,
  • c) stuffed full with painkillers and
  • d) consequently fell asleep at 20:30 on the couch. All lights and computer on, dead to the world till before 5 AM. Oooops! 😀

Thus I declare the time before 8 AM this morning as still belonging to yesterday, and therefore Saturday’s creative endeavour was creating this C365 blog, customising it and starting to populate it. So there. Remember: be positive!


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