09.01.2011 – sewing

Sunday was a busy day in the very best sense of the word. Helped by being up and awake at a time I sometimes go to bed, I whizzed around like a busy bee, and even the afternoon nap couldn’t stop me. Not that I have all that much production-wise to show for it, but alas, one does need to do things like cooking and cleaning, no matter how much the creating beckons. The freezer is definitely full with lunchtime meals. besides, isn’t cooking also creative?

I installed my new monitor, and it’s a pleasure having space on the desk and such a big screen, I can run it in dual window mode. That means watching Dancing on Ice and working on this blog simultaneously. 😉

So, at the end of the night I had finalised this blog here, and also stuck together the Burda download pattern I mentioned earlier.

It’s actually fun sellotaping the sheets together, trust me. It’s also cheaper than other patterns, and you can print and cut it as often as you like. Fabulous!


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