10.01.2011 – sewing

Today was spent working from home because I had to wait for the plumber – who arrived 3 hours late and took about 30 seconds to look at the broken tap in the bathroom, then shoved a business card in my hand and told me he’d call back later today with a quote for new tap and work cost. Which he didn’t.

Altogether now: AAARRGGHHH!!!!

Anyway, since I feel like having square eyes after a day of staring at my screen and working on qualitative data analysis, all I was good for was the cutting out of the pattern I’d sellotaped together yesterday.

I found this amazing fabric in the wee fabric shop here in town, which is garish and fun and wonderful, and I’ll make the tunic/dress out of it. I meant to cut the fabric, too, but alas, there’s always another day. 365 to be precise (not a leap year, aye) and, as I promised myself when I started Project C365-11, I did my creative bit for today and cut the pattern. 🙂


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