11.01.2011 – writing

I wish I could report on oodles of fiction writing, but alas, the day was spent writing a paper that is do on the 12th. While this could be classed as creative, it is part and parcel of y professional role, thus I am a bit reluctant to make this part of project C365-11.

However, I also had a creative brainwave at night, and wrote a little bit in the realm of my nom de plume, where to well-known characters of mine suddenly made sense in one respect I’d been unconsciously¬†mulling¬†over. All I can say is, for those who are in the know, “Tom & Alex”.

I couldn’t do any work on the frame for the wall painting, because Mr F decided he wanted to enjoy himself in the monitor cardboard box I’d placed underneath to catch the saw dust.


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