12.01.2011 – facts

Today has been thwarted by the paper that I am still working on. Tonight shall be a short night, I fear. Short for sleep and long for work. I hope that submitting after midnight might still slip through. Working creatively on work writings (feedback & assessment this time) is not helped by being constantly tired. I never thought I’d say that, but I cannae wait for spring, maybe I’ll be less tired then.

Still, forced by circumstances, I declare work-writings as somewhat creative, too. Hopefully I can catch up on the real creativity (colour! fun! fiddlybits!) at the weekend.

Today can be beautifully summed up as thus:


2 thoughts on “12.01.2011 – facts

  1. So true! best summing up ever. sadly, it becomes a bit of a problem when you’re so tired all the time that you can’t follow up on the panic. :p

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