14.01.2011 – sewing

Managed to do lots of little things at night, mostly what I would classify as preparation for sewing. Thing is, what a lot of people don’t seem to realise, is that the actual sewing together of pieces of fabric is the very smallest ingredient of a rather large meal of bits and bobs that have to be done. Such as pattern cutting, fabric pre-washing if appropriate, fabric cutting, then tailor tacking the important marks on the pieces, then often zig-zagging to avoid fabric fraying, and pinning. Lots of ironing all throughout the process, too.

I zig-zagged the new tunic dress, still need to tailor tack bits on the sleeves, ironed the pieces of a white linen 1930s style artist tunic, and pinned the sleeves together. What took most of my time, though, was sorting through my Burda patterns and all the PDF files I have on my HD. Let’s just say they weren’t in the most useful order. Also, as much as I love the Burda patterns and style, they really should do something about their shopping experience on the site and also about naming and categorising their patterns and add blimming pictures of creations to PDFs or at least technical drawings so that one knows what one is dealing with. Unless one makes very clear in labelled folders what pattern is on there, and also downloads images from the site, one is pretty much lost.

Burda, are you listening? Please do become more professional and check out UK sites that are, I’m afraid to say, a lot better in the e-commerce sector. However, I love your patterns, and am thus still willing to put up with your less than stellar e-business. *kiss*


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