15.01.2011 – shopping

What, I imagine you say, is creative about shopping? Let me tell you the ways. 🙂

I went to a big shopping centre relatively nearby for the first time, because what I like best about the January sales are the ridiculously low prices they put onto costume jewellery. Now, I refuse to pay 10 or 12 quid for a mass produced plasticky/cheap metallic necklace, but a couple of quid or 3 for one I can take apart and re-use in funky new jewellery? Absolutely. Now let’s have a look at my stash and my plans for it.

No 1: bracelet for 99p. Cheap and cheerful to start with, but I’m taking it apart and use the sew-on black stones to bling up a tunic/dress I got in the sale as well. More on that project later.

No 2: This double-necklaces yielded a gold chain, a flower bouquet cameo with pretty pearls, two findings (a heart and a pearl) and a string of nicely linked pearls. All for about 2 quid.

No 3: This necklace is from Evans in the sale, and it had some extra chains dangling off it. I didn’t like that, because those aspects of the necklace just didn’t go together style wise. This is the original:

Off the chains came, to be used for other jewellery, and I am now pondering to either keep it without, or to add something different and more keeping in style.

No 4: I got this necklace for a bit over 2 quid to use the gorgeous many-faceted beads in some jewellery. Those beads on their own would be a lot more expensive.

No 5: Cheap & cheerful pearl strands, and yet slightly funky, because of the ribbon going through the strands. This will come in useful for a necklace I am planning with feathers, cameos, and flowers.

No 6: This is the only necklace I’ll keep the way it is. I saw it a few months ago and liked it, and now it had been reduced to 3 quid, of course I snaffled it up.

No 7: I got this bracelet for 1 quid, and I have plans for it. I saw a velvet covered bracelet on the Evans site, and since I have lots of velvets in my fabric stash, I am going to have a go myself. This is the original:

No 8: Last but not least a cheap necklaces that yielded chains, loops of seed beads, and trinkets such as a gorgeous cameo and a heart.

So, as you see, shopping, especially in the sales, can be very creative if you look at things not as they appear and forget about their face value and instead look at their potential. Go on, give it a go, it’s oodles of fun and you’ll feel ever so smug because of your bargain buys which you can turn into something new and unique.


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