17.01.2011 – Internet & sewing

Phew, this was hard work. I added three more of my sewing creations to my Burda Naeh-Atelier, but writing in German is Hard Work indeed these days. It’s really funny, but it does take about three times as long as writing in English. That’s what 11 years of existing in a different language does to your poor & frazzled bilingual brain.

Of course, it also meant taking some pics of tops & dresses on a tailor’s dummy (what am I going to do with trousers? Gah!), sorting through the pics plus sorting through hundreds of other pics of my older creations, resizing, labelling, sorting, then finding the patterns and links to them where possible, where they are out of print, search the net for pics of the pattern packages (because I really cannot face going into the loft, rifling through my dozen or so boxes of patterns, then scanning the pattern – that would so NOT (most emphatically) be a good use of my time), and then write up and upload each creation.

Oh, and I seem to be the Queen of Parentheses again tonight. I beg your forgiveness. 😉

It would be so much easier on an English site, but I vowed that I would stick with Burda, because I love their patterns, my mum has been buying their magazines and patterns and has been making clothes from them (lots for us as well) since before the 1970s. Most importantly, though, it forces me to write a little German, and as rusty as I am, I need every bit of practice. I uploaded the following creations:

Festive Tunic – which turned out to be a dress (Burda pattern, download, available)

Waterfall Jacket (Simplicity pattern, paper, available)

Two silk Kimono-type Jackets (New Look pattern, paper, out of print)


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