19.01.2011 – facts AKA work

Holy maloney, am I tired. Still not quite finished and it’s 1 AM, but I really do want to get the work finished before tomorrow. This time, work truly is creative, in fact, it’s the reason why I am still at it and have been for the past 14 hours without a proper break (oh, and the fact that I’m a perfectionist. Ooops.)

I put the “finishing touches” to the distance learning module I’m teaching this semester on the VLE and of course I’m my worst enemy & best ally, because the “finishing touches” turned out to be a mighty design effort. Design as in: learning design and also actual online design. I am rather pleased with it, after all, many years of experience have gone into it, and thanks to being truly a reflective practitioner (as if anyone in education could possibly afford not to be!) I have redesigned and better aligned the curriculum once again, and have streamlined assessment plus developed hopefully engaging learning activities for this cohort.

So, all in all a very good day for ye olde creative brain, but a somewhat bad one for fancy creations. Never I mind, tomorrow is always another day. 🙂




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