20.01.2011 – thwarted by old paint

The best laid plans …

Despite being tired (no wonder after working til 2 AM) I buckled up and threw myself into the fray (okay, slight exaggeration: just went and opened the pot of silk white emulsion I had found in the shed and which is a few years old) and I discovered that it was unusable. *sigh* It had completely separated and wouldn’t be stirred and thus mixed, because the thick white gloop that had sunk to the bottom was nearly rock hard. Och well, need to nip past a DIY shop tomorrow.

So my creative task for today was pinning a hem in place, ready for hand-stitching. The hem belongs to a dress that I’ll be posting about soon, because it’s a nice example of how to make a cheaper item look more expensive by a bit of stitchery and embellishment.

By the way, I wore the lilac & silver necklace today for the first time, which I refashioned earlier this month. Really lovely and sparkly. After all, my motto in life is “you can never glitter enough.”

And so to bed, need to catch up on sleep, lots to do with data at work tomorrow, and on Saturday it’s IKEA with friends. Mmmmm meeeeeeaaaaatbaaaaalls. 🙂


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