22.01.2011 – interior decoration, planning, ideas, and IKEA

I went to IKEA with friends, for a good old mooch around to check out bits and pieces I had seen on the their website, and to get inspiration – on a budget. I know exactly what I’d like to have in my living room instead of the olde worldy Leksvig woody stuff, which is the Besta Burs combinations in white with high gloss red and glass doors, but alas, this is not going to happen. I just don’t have such money to spend on something that I don’t need, but want. Now enough of the whinge, last time I shall mention it. Besides, is it really a disadvantage? I don’t think so, because when you can’t just go out and buy stuff (and don’t even really want to do that) and you certainly can’t afford designer-made things that are specially for your place, then re-fashioning and up-cycling is an absolutely fascinating pursuit.

In the end I had ideas from items that I hadn’t even looked for on the web site, and next week I shall head back to IKEA and get my stack of Expedits. Watch this space … 🙂

I made a moodboard last night, the first time I ever did. Granted, it isn’t really a moodboard, because it’s mostly IKEA products, but it shows the wallpaper I’m going for, the colour combinations, and the general feel of it. I went down the easy route and used PPT instead of my graphics programme, but I’m not claiming to be a designer and thus I shall leave the fancy stuff to those who can.



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