23.01.2011 – interior decoration and planning

Where did the day go? It’s always the same with Sundays, I plan a thousand things I want to do, but only do about 10, because I always underestimate how long things take. I got used to it, though, 42 years of the sense of under-achieving. 😀 I do feel like a muppet at times, because rationally I am perfectly aware that I am everything but an under-achiever. I really disliked it when the ex-husband’s idea of evening entertainment was to watch a film together, while I did nothing. Dreadful! And boring.

Anyway, I admit that I replaced my expensive glass lamp (the red ball) with a cheapo IKEA paper one. I know, I know, that’s crazy, but I strangely really prefer the cheapo one. I love the shape, and finally my living room light (the pendant lamp is dimmable) isn’t red any longer. I never quite liked the red hue to the light in the room. It’s strange, I cannot find this VÄTE lampshade on the website, but it was definitely in the store (well, obviously) and cost around 8 quid.

I hate hate hate hate hate the artex on my ceiling. Utterly vile. It really does evoke seriously strong and very negative feelings in me. I am willing to pay a plasterer (who wants to go on holiday, huh?) but two local plasterers have now let me down. One I thought was a bit dodgy a la “I come and do it at the weekend and you can pay cash” (I don’t think so, mate, I only deal with reputable tradesmen) and the second one finally contacted me after several days, then came to measure the room, told me he’d get back with a quote and never did. GRRRR! So, if anyone knows a good plasterer in the Lothians, who’s happy to skim my artexed ceiling, PLEASE get in touch with me.  I just don’t understand why people in this economic climate appear to be so blasé about commissions. I certainly cannot afford being that lax in my job.

Anyway, I did lots of little things, found some great frames in the local cheapo store b&m (they are box-frames, and I might be putting LED lights into them, inspired by this great IKEA hack, and they were 3 for 3 quid. Happy days) and then I decided to play with design variations for the Expedit squares I want to use for my walls. You may all laugh now, because despite being as takkie as one can get, and do just about anything with the help of computers and the like, I actually went and used graph paper and normal paper to chart and cut out, to be able to shuffle bits around. As I said to my mum today, some things I just need to feel, they have to be “real” (unless I had specialist software, I’d be happy with a 3D one) and I’m old fashioned tactile at times. BTW the middle “strip” is of course inspired by the furry one I love so much.


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