24.01.2011 – Flickr sets of my interior design evolution

Long day stuck at the computer, but I did manage to create Flickr sets of the photos I have on my HD of my beloved home. They are photos from when it was blank and ugly (honestly, the colours the former owners had in here were atrocious) and how I changed and shaped my living environment. Now, don’t forget that up until the end of July 2009 I lived with the (now) ex-husband (from July 2007 to July 2009, ho-hum), so styles were a compromise, and only from then on could I go full-out. I had to reign myself in a little before. Never again. 😉

The ongoing evolution of my home is quite interesting, I would say. Especially since the bathroom has stayed the same since the beginning (I was adamant I would turn it dark red and gold) and it won’t be changed until I have the money for a proper bathroom re-design. Those are expensive, though.

The kitchen hasn’t stayed the same, as much as I could afford it (see bathroom) but I painted the doors, which worked really well. I have to take some photos, though, because strangely I don’t have any of the kitchen from 2009, when I did more work on it.

The conservatory has had a big textile overhaul, and I’m planning on a new, funky cover for the bed sofa. I love colour, love love love it, and funky patterns, so I went crazy in textiles. It went from this in 2007 (booooring, but the house came with the purple blinds, and a short while later IKEA had a dark purple cover for the sofa) to this in 2009 and then THIS in 2010. 😀

The guest/sewing room didn’t change much either, but watch this space, I have ideas for the furniture that I’ll get rid off in the living room.

The living room is undergoing transformation as we speak, and it will be a major one with artex removal, wallpaper, wall painting, new furniture, lots of building from scrap, and hopefully a new floor. I really want a black one.

Last but not least my bedroom. Now this was the Mother of all transformations. In 2009, when my marriage broke up because of the ex-husband’s cheating, the first thing I did when he had moved out was to re-do the bedroom. I couldn’t bear it looking the same and most importantly, while he’d liked the Elven LOTR airy-fairy look so much, I didn’t very much at all. It was fine, and elegant, but not really me. It took me 6 weeks of flat-out work during which the bedroom wasn’t usable, and tons of paint. Everyone said “oh no, you can’t possibly paint your bedroom dark red, it will be too dark!” to which I countered: “I’ll be asleep. Duh!”. I still love my bedroom to bits and can’t see me changing it any time soon.

Behold the transformation and, dare I say it? The evolution of Self: bedroom pre 2009 all airy-fairy, and bedroom post 2009 a bejwelled, embroidered, glittery and gold shimmering, silk bedecked dark red, and dark blues and turquoises vision of 1001 Arabian Nights. Everything is hand-painted and hand-sewn.

Here is my Flickr collection of Home Evolution sets.


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