25.01.2011 – planning for interior design

I didn’t do all that much, because I was mentally exhausted (hey! I’m a middle-aged laydee, I’m allowed to feel like a squeezed lemon at times) so I planned/drew the second wall of the current living room re-design. 7 Expedits, here I come! My beloved Sputnik clock with its wood balls in 1950s colours will have pride of place. If I told you how much I paid for it and where I got it from you’ll be very surprised, trust me. At least those of you in the Uk, familiar with the shops.

After the drawing on paper, cutting of paper, shuffling around of paper and glueing down paper (it’s great, makes you feel like a kid, haven’t done that since computers became an integral part of my life) I flat-lined on the sofa, watching Austin Powers. I tell you, the colours in his apartments throughout the three films is just fantastic. especially the first one’s interior design is magnifique. The shapes, oh the shapes and the colours. I meant to write lots of replies to lovely folks, but ended up picturing different arrangements of the Expedit and different surface treatments instead. After all, I do 99% of my planning of anything, embroideries, paintings, rooms, furniture, arrangements, stories, in my head.


One thought on “25.01.2011 – planning for interior design

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