26.01.2011 – blood, sweat and meatballs: furniture shopping

Blood = managed to scrape my knuckles bloody handling hefty flatpacks.

Sweat = handling hefty flatpacks. Doh.

Meatballs = uhm … bit self explanatory? 😀 I cannae go to IKEA and not have at least a wee portion of meatballs with everything.

Holy fishcakes, I’m knackered. Went to IKEA tonight to buy the Expedits I want for the living room tyransformation, and boyo, are the packages heavy. I didn’t quite expect that. I love living on my own, but sometimes I could do with a heavy-items-lugger and wall-furniture-holder-while-I-figure-out-the place-it-goes. On the other hand I’m not willing to sacrifice my beautiful tranquil life in my beautiful wee house with just furry-purry Mr F and moi. So, lugging hefty objects it was.

I just checked on the website how heavy flatpacks are, and it’s 18.6 kg. O_O No wonder they felt so heavy! Also, the package is fairly big, I can tell you that arthritic wrists and fingers don’t like trying to grip onto over 18 kg of slippery cardboard. But I did it. I am da (wo)man!

I only managed to buy 4, I couldn’t handle more and the flatpacks wouldn’t have all fitted into my car, so I have to go back tomorrow, because I need 7 in all. It’s around 80 quid so far for the four, which isn’t bad at all. Granted, the cheap & cheerfulness means that I have to put a lot of creative work into it, to de-cheapen the look, but that’s the fun of it all. I love up-designing/fashioning.

I shan’t have meatballs tomorrow, even I do baulk at eating them twice in a row. That was my creative sweaty endeavour for today.

7 x = 🙂


2 thoughts on “26.01.2011 – blood, sweat and meatballs: furniture shopping

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