27.01.2011 – bruises & prawn salad: more IKEA shopping

This time I went prepared. Got my thick leather & canvas work gloves from the garden shed, only to discover I’d used them for gardening and they were minging, but I didn’t care and took them anyway. Got a few stares when I popped them on (somehow nice clothes & make-up don’t go with soiled work gloves in shops) but the last 3 Expedits were so much easier to carry than yesterday. I do have quite impressive bruises up the inside of my forearms, though. Sheesh.

As predicted, I really didn’t feel like meatballs again, so went for the new prawn & couscous salad with an extra slice of garlic bread. Yum! Highly recommendable, the prawn & couscous salad is great. So fresh and just lovely.

Anyway, back to the creative endeavours at hand. Not only did I pick up the last Expedits, I also couldn’t help myself and did buy the two vases I love so much, the yellow and the green one, and which I so valiantly passed by the last two times. This time, though, I realised there was only one green one left and I know my luck with my local IKEA in Edinburgh: it’s not one of the really big ones, they don’t carry all items, and often enough they run out of what I want very quickly and don’t restock. They’ll look brilliant with the white shelves, I’m sure.

That’s not all I did, in fact, I’ve been moving forward with the realisation of my imagination. I tell you a funny story. I was in the car in the morning, trying desperately to think of what those self adhesive plastic sheets one can buy in rolls were called, because I wanted to look for some to place inside the Expedit cubes. I asked a colleague, who didn’t know at first then offered “sticky back plastic”. Oh how I loved, and ignorantly claimed that I wouldn’t find anything when Googling it. How wrong I was! Thanks to Blue Peter, I suppose, when you Google sticky back plastic in the UK you find exactly what I was looking for, and in abundance. Colour me shame-faced.

What I found as well was something much better: acrylic sheets in transparent and solid colours. the company is called PlasticOnline (how fitting!) and they do just about anything you can think of with Acrylic, including making bespoke objects. They obviously cater for shop fittings and large orders/customers, so I called them up when I saw the wonderful solid colour sheets they have, to check if they also custom-cut sheets for a wee private order. Colour me surprised (Ha! See what I did there?) when they said yes, of course, and were super friendly on the phone. Now that’s already a good customer experience. So I ordered three samples, the red, the yellow and the orange one, and am planning to go for the 3 mm sheets, cut to fit the tops of the Expedits, where the tops show. Since the shelves are cheap, the joints are a bit crapulous and clearly not flush. One of the signs of a cheap piece of furniture, I’m afraid. It does, however, make for fancy creative ideas!

I also want to put coloured acrylic insets into the olde worldy doors, which I’ll varnish with shiny paint (not sure about the colour, might actually go with white) you can see the rectangular areas where I’ll put the acrylic in.  The photos are from when I bought the house, so excuse the horrid wall colours and shabby state of doors.


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