28.01.2011 – wallpaper, books and CHAOS

Chaos, oh yes, chaos. I have resigned to the fact that I’ll be living in chaos for many weeks to come, because re-designing a room on your own takes quite some time, especially when working full time, but no work = no money = no house = no re-design. ūüėČ besides, I do like my job lots. So there. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I still need a reliable plasterer’s contact details *eyes a dear friend and waggles brows* because I can’t do anything to the walls before the ceiling’s done. On the other hand, I can start planning and hanging up Expedits, because that means I can draw on the walls and happily measure and drill until I feel it’s perfect, without worrying about the wall. That’s quite convenient, especially because I’ll wallpaper that particular wall and I’ve never wallpapered before, just watched my mum & dad do it many times. But if I’m anything, then confident that I can learn anything, thanks mum & dad for¬†instilling¬†that unwavering confidence in me.

I ordered a wallpaper sample from Wallpapers Direct and am impressed that the samples are free and apparently about A4. I do need to see the texture and colours in reality and in different lights, before ordering the 4 rolls I apparently need. Cross your fingers that it’ll look like I hope it will.

I attempted to¬†empty¬†the first book shelf, because¬†that’s¬†probably going to a friend this¬†weekend, but it ended up more of a sorting and an “oh my goodness I have HOW many books on historical costumes and needlework?” The plan is to put one of the 3 book shelves into the sewing/guest room, and the buffet as well. It just fits along the wall. The hanging glass thingamy will go onto another wall, where the sewing machine resides. All the¬†books¬†on costumes¬†etc.¬†are meant to go to that room, but I’m beginning to doubt they’ll all fit onto the one book shelf. We shall see.

I also downloaded the Google Sketchup software, with which one can create 3D environments, but I’m not sure yet how much worth the effort of learning the software is, just to plan my living room, when I’ve all got it in my head. I shall report soon, once I’ve done more research into this new creative endeavour.

Last¬†but not least the chaos. Oh what chaos my wee house is already in, and it’s just going to get worse. It’s the perfect size for me, but when re-designing a room, all others turn into¬†receptacles¬†of crud, and the one¬†that’s being¬†re-designed, well, let’s not even go there. I have resigned myself to living in chaos for many weeks. the bedroom took 6 weeks, during which I slept in the sewing/guest room. Now I shall make sure that my bedroom will remain a haven without chaos or I might go bonkers. Right, lots of creative bits and bobs done today, now I shall show you my living room chaos, at least corner of it:

The display cabinet thingamy has been forced into serving as a temporary DVD receptacle:


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