30.01.2011 – books books books

It’s been chaos chez Nick and will continue to be. Nevermind, chaos means progress, doesn’t it? Of course, I did sleep like a hedgehog in winter again, but I still got a lot down. Two lovely ladies came to pick up one of the book cases already, so that’s excellent, because I have less standing around. That did mean, however, that I had oodles of books everywhere in messy piles. Plus too many books downstairs, because the new design will be much sleeker with less book space.

Here’s the chaos before I started sorting:

Since my books can be pretty much categories into:

  • Costume history, mainly 17th century
  • Costume making (sewing & patterning)
  • General sewing
  • Pre- and Post Migration Period Textiles
  • Embroidery & Needlecraft
  • Historical Dyeing
  • Historical Jewellery
  • Historical Arms and Armour
  • Crafts
  • History – 17th century
  • History – Anglo-Saxon
  • Historical Linguistics
  • Anglo-Saxon Literature
  • General Archaeology (and Mummies)
  • 17th and 18th century fine art
  • 17th and 18th century glassware, porcelain, pottery, pewter, silverware, etc
  • Military – historic, mainly 17th century
  • Military – contemporary & second half of 20th century
  • My own books (my favourite row, I suppose 😉 )
  • Bits and bobs of selected poetry
  • Colin Dexter (all)
  • Ian Rankin (many)
  • Bits and bobs of contemporary fiction (very few)

I found it rather easy to sort out what I wanted to keep downstairs, and what, of those in the living room and in the sewing room. I schlepped a load of books into the loft, which I am less likely to refer to, where they will reside in the cardboard boxed the Expedits come in, neatly labelled. My inner labelling freak will have a field day. I am always eager to label and sort and after a short while my outer lazing slob comes through and all the good labelling and sorting work has gone up my non-existent chimney.

This is the room after much sorting:

A bit more manageable, isn’t it?

Last but not least, I also planted some wee succulents into a few colourful mini buckets I found flying around in my display cabinet. Much better now, that they reside in the conservatory.



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