01.02.2011 – never think there isn’t more to learn

Note to self on painting and decorating, that I hadn’t known despite doing DIY for 26 years. Courtesy of Dulux’s Decorating Advice videos (and as a bonus the chap has a very nice voice).

  • synthetic brushes for water based paint
  • real bristle brushes for solvent based paint
  • crack in wall: widen crack inside first, hoover dust out, wet crack, then fill
  • only cut in (paint edges with brush) one or two meters at a time, start on top, then bottom
  • when painting the walls with the roller, use a W shape, then light up & down rolling on top
  • paint radiator first across the ridges on top, then on the bottom, then fill in middle, then bottom, then top
  • prepare walls: after sugar soaping, use glass paper to remove sheen of existing paint
  • filling knives and scrapers are totally different (oh dear)
  • painting doorframes: paint behind the door first, then top, then side, starting with leading edge (at wall) and going round
  • two different colours on door sides: sections explained

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