01.02.2011 – the joy of home ownership, or…

…the worst possible fixer-upper job I’ve ever done.

The conservatory gutter developed a wee leak, thanks to the ice and snow having  popped off a little corner, and the DROP DROP DROP when it rained was driving me insane. Of course, the problem is that it’s hardly ever not wet here, so how to put some sealant on?

Quick fix solution this morning: quickly squirt some transparent silicone onto the leak when it isn’t raining, ignore the fact that you’re making a right royal mess, and go for function over form, determined to rip it all off again come summer and do it properly.

Ouch! But it is blissfully quiet in my conservatory now, and I don’t miss the DROP DROP DROP when I’m on the sofa. 🙂

On the creative decoupage front, I’ve come up with the idea that I want to decoupage my dining table with images that are dear to me. I started with enlarging a set of pre-drawn interior decoration shapes from a 1981 design book.You know, furniture, plants, lamps, washing machines, etc… That’ll be my b&w base layer. Now off to see which of my books I feel like plundering for images.

Plasterer No3 will be here tomorrow to look at the ceiling that I want skimmed to get rid of the artex. Fingers crossed this one won’t let me down.


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