03.02.2011 – the joy of wallpaper samples

Exciting! No, honest. I find nothing more exciting than planning, imagining and finally deciding on creative this-and-thats.

The wallpaper samples arrived, and particularly one was an amazingly large size. I was lucky in that I got to the DIY shop and managed to pick up some colour samples to match the lime green in one of the papers. It’ll be a bit tricky to decide which will be best, when I finally get to it.

The first wallpaper doesn’t look quite as dull as in the photo (taken in daylight – grey! I am in Scotland, after all – in the conservatory) but definitely not as bright as on the web sample. So this one is out. I also don’t like the fact it’s so very thick vinyly.

The second wallpaper is a very nice paper, I like the smooth feel to it, but it would look fabulous in an extremely colour restricted room, which is elegantly devoted to white, red and black. I am not colour restricted, goodness no! I am so not colour restricted. Quite the opposite. So that one’s out, too.

Now to the biggest wallpaper sample, and the one I’d been eyeing up the most. I was right, it is simply fabulous. Completely crazy, striking colours, and oodles of va va voom! The lime green in it is lovely, too, and so are the other colours. The only bit I don’t like is that it is vinyl, too, and I have a childhood dislike of vinyl (I grew up as a kid in the 1970s: EEEEWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!) but it’s not too bad and the funky design makes up for it. It’s a Lars Contzen wallpaper.


3 thoughts on “03.02.2011 – the joy of wallpaper samples

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  2. That was the one I liked as well Nicole. It is very funky and I love the shapes and colors against the white background.

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