04.02.2011 – thwarted by my car, the wind & rain, and Scotrail trains

Now if all those are not a great excuse not to do anything creative, then I don’t know what. And yet …. *drumroll* I did! Not even the elements shall keep me entirely from my creativity. Story is, my car died (not even electrics, dead as a dodo) but I had a very important 9 AM meeting, so it was a mad rush to the trains, which didn’t arrive in time, then a mad dash through gale type wind and battering rain to the bus, then the bus to uni, then across campus, and only 15 minutes late, but looking like a drowned cat. (I refuse to liken myself to a rat, hehe). The morning journey took 1.5 hours instead of 25 minutes in the car.

Then after a mad day left the office at 4 PM to do more work from home. Ha! What a fool I was. Trains not running, signal failures, too much wind, too much rain, too much flooding on the lines, and so on and so forth. 3 hours later, yep, that is THREE hours for a journey that takes 25 minutes by car, I arrived at home, bedraggled, exhausted and drowned.

Not completely down, though, because lo and behold, when I got out of the bus to tromp to the train station, I saw a new shop. An absolutely fabulous beads, stones, acrylics, notions, jewellery, and just about anything else that is shiny and beautiful shop. What did I find there? Funky pompom flower stems for only 2 quid each. So, not all was lost. I found the fabulous shop and came home with funkylicious new bits for my floor vase.

Admittedly, I did then go to bed at 8 PM (no comment …) but was reading a DIY book on how to wallpaper and then did a lot of imagining of the design of my living room. Now is that isn’t creative, then I don’t know what is. 😉


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