05.02.2011 – and now for the wallpaper that I DID choose …

…. this would be the one below. certain lovely folks wanted to know which one I ordered today, so you get an early post on this blog, with the answer.

It was mightily annoyed when I realised that the Ebay seller who had sold me the lovely large sample of that wallpaper for £1.28, didn’t acrtually stock the wallpaper anymore, 2 days after I’d bought the sample. Now that is seriously naughty! You can see in Thursday’s post how the sample looks like with some paint colour samples.

However, I went back to a trusty merchant, another online business that is also in a brick & mortar shop in England, and phoned them up to figure out how many rolls I need for my two walls. Apparently I need six. They were very friendly and helpful on the phone, and with a postage cost of 10 quid and for 15 quid per roll, I can’t complain, and I actually am happy to pay 1 quid per roll more than any eBay seller. I also like to support businesses that still have brick & mortar shops.

So, I ordered the one below from Cosham Decor who trade online under ukwallpaper.co.uk.


4 thoughts on “05.02.2011 – and now for the wallpaper that I DID choose …

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