05.02.2011 – destruction comes before construction

AKA the dubious joy of emptying a room. Lots more schlepping of DVDs,  books and bits, and lots more sorting through and deciding which books will be kept where, because the new design won’t work with oodles of books everywhere, and since I have books that I would never give away, but hardly ever consult, I’m happy for them to reside safely in the loft. There is lots more to be carried to the loft tomorrow.

These are my sad and empty shelves, now, with the one already gone. The buffet is empty, too.

I also sat and watched BBC iPlayer on my desktop, while cutting out lots of photocopies for my decoupaged table. I pretty much had all of those photocopies, because when working through my books and other materials, I realised I had a few costume books that I’d photocopied many, many years ago, way before the internet, online book stores and fellow historical costume enthusiasts, back when I was at uni, and in the meantime I had, of course, bought all those books. Lots more to cut tomorrow as well. It was kind of entertaining to watch a programme on brains and while cutting away thinking “ah, it’s the left side of my brain that now controls the scissors…” 😀

I also received the acrylics samples a few days previously, and took some photos in the daylight. It’s not easy to really get the fantastic colours. Now the red is almost exactly the same red as my IKEA Besta Burs red shiny desk as wall shelf and DVD closed shelf, but I’m not sure if it is close enough to be okay. I also like the orange very much, and that can be found in the wallpaper I ordered. The yellow is lovely but I’ll step away from it, because it’s not getting picked up anywhere else.


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