06.02.2011 – costumes

I had a quick look at Pirate costume accessories for my nephews, since I am going to make costumes for them, and got these utterly cute bandannas, which I got off eBay.

I am off today to the 1930s Hello to Berlin Modern Mixers event at Edinburgh’s Ghillie Dhu. I usually make a new costume every time, but alas, this time I have been thwarted by my other creative endeavours, which prevent me from even getting to the sewing machine. Let’s just say, all the stuff that was in the living room has to go somewhere … Fear not, though, dear readers, I will have a costume, just rather a bit not-right for the period, and yet completely fabulous and colourful, and put together with bits and pieces I have in my wardrobes and drawers. I shall reveal it later!

And this is currently the guest/sewing room. Oh dear. Spot the sewing machine.


One thought on “06.02.2011 – costumes

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