07.02.2011 – books, books, books: again

Monday was a flump day. A flump day is a down day that isn’t unhappy or anything, but that lacks energy and motivation and where all existing energy has to be channeled into work. The latter is, after all, pretty blimmin’ important. With having to work from home because of having to wait for the garage to finally send round a trailer to pick up my dead car, it wasn’t the shiniest of all days. But never to mind, the car’s in the garage and is being repaired, and soon I shall be FREE (mobile) again. How anyone can live outside of a city centre without a car/being able to drive, is beyond me.

I did do something at night, though, and that was schlepping loads more books upstairs into the loft, plus other bits and pieces. I am pretty certain now which books I will keep downstairs, and which ones I’ll sort in the loft. Hooray for that. I’ve also created a wee cookbook space in the kitchen.

So, not all lost even on a flump day, because while sorting and carrying might not be directly creative, it is absolutely necessary for the subsequent fun bits.


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