08.02.2011 – Google Sketchup or the Futile Attempt to 3D Draw

Blimey, I can tell you that Google Sketchup really isn’t the most intuitive software for someone who’s never used a 3D drawing programme. I bet anyone familiar with professional software like CAD would think this is a pishy little doddle, but I don’t. Granted, I’d probably have to really delve into tutorials, videos, manuals and the like, but I’ve decided that for now it’s just not worth it. My imagination is better than any 3D software can be and the only downside is that I can’t share my vision. Until such times that I can plug myself into a mainframe. Uhm, perhaps not, thankyouverymuch. Not ready for the Matrix yet.

I’ve received a set of decals I’d ordered off eBay, which are very colourful and lovely, and dirt cheap. They aren’t super quality, but what do you expect from £1.99? I am probably going to use them for the b&w decoupaged table. We shall see.


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