10.02.2011 – editor’s hat

The dark, cold, grey and rainy weather is really getting to me at last. It’s been months of this darkness and consequently I could sleep 20 hours out of 24. Still, needs must, and I emptied the red DVD shelf, ready for Sunday’s Joy Of Artex Removal but then retreated to the couch after a few web bits and bobs.

So, my creative endeavour was a spot of editing of a manuscript that’s been due at the publisher for … let’s not go there. Just that the last 2 years were a barren land on the writing front. The trauma of what happened in my personal life had put a block onto the creative writing juices (apparently also editing), like nothing before.

Watch this space, or rather, don’t, because I’m still not willing to combine my identities, even though it is increasingly annoying me.

Thus, have a lovely Edwardian image of what I shall call now my Editor’s hat, complete with pencil and a cuppa.


4 thoughts on “10.02.2011 – editor’s hat

    • Glad you enjoy the blog, Gabi. I am forced to take a day off today, due to the garage having done a ballsup on the repair, so expect more DIY updates tonight. 🙂

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