11.02.2011 – more happy destruction

Happy, because things are heating up in ye olde living room, ready for the plasterer on Sunday. As I mentioned before, the buffet and one book shelf are going into the sewing room (I’ll never understand why Brits call the guest room a “spare” room, there is nothing spare about it, it’s an integral part of my home) thus I had to dissemble the big IKEA chest I had in there and which housed a lot of my sewing and embroidery bits & bobs. I also needed to take the wee IKEA shelves off I’d made only a year or so ago for the jars with buttons and notions, and take the mini apothecary chest off the wall, which will go to a different wall. My power-drill and I are going to be friendly again very soon. I had stained both the chest of drawers and the shelves, because they were untreated wood.

This is the bit I took apart:
new-guestroom1 new-guestroom2

That wall is now empty, ready for the dust bunnies to be vacuumed away.

The chest of drawers now looks like this, in order of destruction:

I can tell you that taking IKEA flatpacked furniture apart is a lot worse than putting it together. You have to figure out how it went together in the first place and reverse the order. Sheesh! It’s ready to be schlepped up into the loft, because there’s no way I throw the bits away, after all, do I know what I might want to create in the future?

I also took all the wee stars off my light curtain, because I’m tired of them now after a few years. I cannae stand the same look in my home for too long, no matter how much I love something, eventually it has to change. The light curtain was bought years ago from IKEA (now that’s a surprise … not!) and has been in use in various homes since then. It looked like this:

I’ve had a funky lime coloured retro curtain on the other side of the conservatory glass door for a while, and when the living room is done I will combine those two on the living room side.

Last but not least, have Mr F, contentedly snoozing on the dissembled chest of drawers. 🙂


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