12.02.2011 – interim status: sweaty

Apologies for the less than sanitary progress report, but flippin’ heck, carrying all those furniture bits and pieces, the chest of drawers, the shelves, the tall book shelf, and two chairs upstairs into the loft, using the wobbly loft ladder, left me completely knackered and bruised. I’m so glad my house is detached, or my neighbours would probably get worried at my loud groaning and even louder swearing, everytime I bump and bash limbs and head. 😉

At least this knackering work gives me the excuse to post a pic of Dolph Lundgren at 52 with the tentative link of being as sweaty as an action hero. Ahem. Well, nevermind, in my world one can never have enough pics of finely ageing fit men.


2 thoughts on “12.02.2011 – interim status: sweaty

  1. I do agree Nick. All that hard work does make one want to appreciate others who look good from working out and *ahem* also get sweaty. 😉

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