12.02.2011 – thank you, IKEA

Thank you indeed. Not only for being affordable (at least their mid-range), but you also make sure with your furniture that

  1. I have a house full of lovely furniture in great designs
  2. I don’t mind throwing myself into wild hacks, which I’d never dare with anything expensive
  3. I don’t feel guilty at all, when completely re-designing my rooms and getting rid of furniture after only a couple or so years
  4. I am able to schlepp the furniture around and move it on my own from room to room, even assembled
  5. I manage to take the furniture apart on my own and carry it into the loft on my own, because you’re cheap enough not to use heavy and thus expensive wood.

And thus I moved you today from here (through that door)

To here, into the sewing room, where the chest of drawers and the wee wall shelves used to be (can’t get a better shot, the room’s too full with Stuff).

Now back into the fray with rug shampooing, and fixing of frames into a new place. The day isn’t over yet.


2 thoughts on “12.02.2011 – thank you, IKEA

  1. That is going to look amazing Nick when it is finished and you have a new arrangement of your stuff in it.

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