14.02.2011 – a bit more colour in the conservatory

After a very exhausting Sunday, despite not being the one who did all the plastering work (I think the hard work with the furniture caught up with me) I pretty much flumped on Monday. I did make a detour to the big B&Q close to work, which was rather hilarious, because in the entire store there wasn’t a single woman, except for some employees and me. Could it have had something to do with most women in this country waiting for chokkis, fluffy pink thingamies, champers and roses on this day? 😉

I bought a work platform, because the plasterer had one and it is so much more comfortable to work from, compared to a ladder. They are blasted expensive, though, 35 quid was the cheapest I found after an internet search.

I hope the expense will be worth it, because I really don’t like ladders, standing on a step for any length of time is so uncomfortable and feels wobbly.

While I could have claimed that the purchase was my creative deed of the day, I actually did do a proper one. Never let it be said that the re-deployment of decorative bits and the use of sealant as glue don’t go together. behold my new colourful gallery above the conservatory glass doors. All of these frames were painted in the matching colours as the three IKEA lamps that live on the red sideboard, and I used funky retro quilting fabric as art. The frames used to brighten up the olde worldy book shelves, but since those will be gone I was at liberty to find a new place for them.


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