16.02.2011 – early morning drilling

Shush! Quiet there in the cheap back seats, this is not an innuendo. 😀

Right, I better catch up with my blog posts, but having so many things to do online, with the added bonus of a different identity on top, I often can’t quite get them all done. It’s still winter, too, and the hibernation continues to be oh so tempting.

Back to the early morning drilling. I realised this week that I am far too knackered to get up and go in the evenings, so I tried out getting up at 7 AM and starting then, with a couple of hours of DIY before heading into the office. So far so good, and I fixed the book shelf and the buffet in the sewing room, and started filling the book shelf with costume books that had been stored in piles across the house.

I also did find out that wielding a powerdrill in a floor length hand-made lace adorned Victorian night dress is not the best idea. 😉

The photo gives you an idea of my not-quite-appropriate DIY early morning outfit, just with short hair, no friend, and less late 19th century postcard-naughtiness.


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