17.02.2011 – costume, freecycle, and dad the Wallpaper King

The next Modern Mixers event in Edinburgh is a 1950s themed High School Hop in March, and I obviously need a new costume. Obviously. Any excuse! It’s going to be the last event, I heard, which makes me very, very sad, but what can you do. Hopefully there might be other events occasionally.

Now, I’ll definitely not dress up in the generic Grease type High School clothes, because that so very much and totally doesn’t suit me (the 1960s are actually much worse, believe me, and the 1920s are pretty awful for my figure, which is everything but willowy, teehee) so I am going for something different and fun. What do we have in a school, any school? Bingo! A head mistress or master. Now I am very sure I can convincingly pull off a head mistress. Oh yes … completely with glasses, mortar board, academic gown and, most importantly, bamboo cane! *snerk* I’ve organised all these accessories, just the main costume to go.

I have also become a member of my local freecycle group, and while I really don’t like the 1990s style of how they are run (email lists? Excuse me? Email???), with every mail being moderated and the strictest rules I have ever seen (if you don’t get the subject line correct thou shalt have a smacked bottom) it is a very useful group to be part of. I can’t stand things going to waste, and while I take to my local charity shops what I can, they don’t take electronics or furniture. I initially joined to find someone who’d like my old 19″ CRT monitor, which is perfectly functioning but even on Gumtree no one wanted it for free, but then also saw an IKEA desk offered, which will be great for taking apart and re-using in a newly built one. It’s this one, and the folks are so nice, they even bring it to me, because it doesn’t fit into my car without dissembling it. There are pralines waiting at home as a thank-you. 🙂

Last but not least, I had a chat at night with my dad who gave me excellent instructions on how to do the wallpapering. I wish he were here, though, and not back home in Germany. I also wish I’d have helped him over the years and not just watched. Still, I am very much my parents’ daughter, and have the DIY prowess from my dad and the crafts one from my mum.

Let the wallpaper battle commence!


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