18.02.2001 – my head’s better than any software

Well, probably not for peeps who know how to use 3D drawing software, but I’ve always been lucky in that I can imagine anything in my head. 3D and Dolby surround, as I always say. So, I have been building my new sewing table arrangement in my head, and I know exactly what it’s going to look like. Now I “just” have to get the tools out and apply brute force and ignorance. 😀

I also saw this fantastic patchwork on the Swedish IKEA blog, which gave me great ideas for making a new cover for my sofa sofa in the conservatory. Isn’t it in yer happily-coloured face? Teehee!

The picture is from this blog post: http://livethemma.ikea.se/inspiration/flamencoduk and you don’t have to be able to read Swedish to enjoy the blog.


One thought on “18.02.2001 – my head’s better than any software

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