19.02.2011 – brute force and ignorance…

…and I still haven’t got it off!

What I mean is the wooden board above the conservatory glass doors (which obviously used to be the outside doors to the garden when the house was built in 1990) and where one is supposed to fix a curtain rod on, and where the previous owners had indeed a mighty heavy wooden curtain rod, which I ripped off straight away.

I don’t want that stupid board, it interferes with the design and is completely pointless, but can I get it off? Can I? I had to buy a chisel thingy (one to destroy things) and the great big destructo hammer (and have now a bruised thumb nail thankyouverymuch, where I hit the thumb and not the chisel)to unearth the screws, then fight to get the screws out and … I still can’t get the blasted thing off. Wish me luck.

You can see the wooden panel plus the wooden curtain rod in the pic below.


I did do a little work in the garden, too, but ended up mostly raining, as it seems to do every day. Rain, cold, grey. Bleh. I’ve had enough. No wonder I love colours in my home so much! A propos colours, I had to go shopping to pick up the mortar board from the sorting office, and the ceiling paint, and we have a carpet shop in our town’s high street. What did they have in the window? A really funky rug. The first time I ever saw them display anything bright, colourful, and retro cool. I’ll probably order one of the rugs, just haven’t made up my mind yet re colour combo.


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