20.02.2011 – brute force and ignorance: success!

At last. The blasted wood panel wasn’t just fixed by 5 rawl plugs & mighty screws, oh no, it was also glued to the actual door frame with a glue I could only get off by chipping away with a carpet knife (after I’d hammered the chisel into the joint between panel and frame, AND with 6 pairs of 2″ long nails, which I hadn’t noticed until I used the claw hammer in my destructo-rage and forced the panel off. Phew. That was meant to last, but nothing withstands forever the might of brute force.

So this was the state (still) this morning:

to this, after I went into Beserker mode:

Hand me the polyfilla now, Jeeves.

By the way, I feel like Rosie the Riveter today, because I am letting my hair grow into a Louise Brookes bob, and it is currently at the annoying stage of not being long enough for a cut and being too long after a cut. Urgh. It’s always in my eyes/face, and thus I am wearing a fancy neckerchief like Rosie does. It’s quite cute, actually. Of course, the black DIY hoodie covered in paint splatters of previous DIY jobs, and the paint splattered black trousers and work shoes are somewhat less cute. :-p


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