22.02.2011 – bilingual bits and bobbles

I could have just written into the header “bilingual announcement” but where’s the fun in not having a lovely alliteration?

Anyway, just to announce on this daily blog that my dad the DIY King, who taught me never to fear a project no matter how big, and my mum the Sewing Queen, who taught me never to give up a project, no matter how fiddly, are checking this blog and its progress, but my mum doesn’t know any English at all and my dad a wee bit. So, I shall – whenever appropriate – add a German post script for Papa & Mama.

Also, Papa, ich werde in Zukunft ein P.S. in Deutsch einfuegen, wenn ich was mitzuteilen habe. 🙂

I do wonder, does this make me Germottish or Scotterman? I think I opt for Germottish, has a nicer ring to it and fits chronologically.

For now, have a pic of the make-shift work table I created by using the 6 Expedit boxes and the table top of the freecycled desk.


4 thoughts on “22.02.2011 – bilingual bits and bobbles

  1. Very nice the bilingual touch! I am not sure in what language I should be using for my blog, so at moment not writing. 😦
    I’m enjoying to follow your adventures in DIY.

  2. Lovely to hear from you, Gabi. 🙂 You could always write a post in the language that fits best for the post, and make clear on the blog that it’s a bilingual one.

    And don’t forget, if you need any help with DIY, let me know!

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