22.02.2011 – DIY/decorating the eternal money pit

Or, should I simply say “creativity the eternal money pit”? I guess everyone who’s ever been into DIY and redecorating and making their homes the way they want them to, knows that it’s a neverending expense. At least it feels that way. Since I am a completely visual person and nothing is more important to me than the look and feel of my surroundings, my home is my top 1 priority. I’m not interested in flash gadgets (no iPhone, no iPad, no TV) nor in holidays/exploring the world (I have my imagination, that’s bigger than the world can ever be) nor designer clothes (when I look at the High Street prices I always think WHUT??? I can make that!) and make many of my own clothes, nor fancy shoes (actually, I would, but the Big A prevents me from wearing anything without my surgical insoles, which means very boring shoes indeed) nor expensive jewellery (I love costume jewellery, though, and make some myself, too) nor luxury beauty treatments (I LOVE beauty products but I just can’t get myself to pay someone else to pamper me, so I pamper myself) and my make-up is good stuff, but not the designer one.

I do admit to having a bathroom full of lovely products, which make me happy. Yes, I can be shallow, too. Want to take a peek?

So, yes, as you can see, what I am most interested in is my home, and I spend all my money on it. Actually, most of it goes onto the mortgage, but hey-ho, that’s an investment, aye? đŸ™‚

Heck, how did I get to the blather above? I meant to tell you about my DIY shop trip, and a few bits and bobs I’ve been doing, plus the fabric I managed to get for making a new sofa cover.

Right, the money pit. I’ve lost my long metal spirit level, which is ridiculous, because I know I must have put it somewhere, but hours of searching everywhere hasn’t unearthed it. So I had to go and buy something else. I didn’t go for the same time, still hoping I might find it, but for as metal one with handle that I can also use for cutting the wallpaper. And why of why are screws so bloody expensive? Worst of all, I had to buy a pot of paint, specially mixed, because I’d left an almost full (!) pot of the hallway and sewing room wall colour in the garden shed and with the horrid winter it had frozen and was thus destroyed. I only have myself to blame for that stupidity. *sigh* Since I am working on the sewing room I need to have something for touch-ups, and I still like the soft colour for this room and the hallway, so I don’t want to change it any time soon. (she says…)

P.S. Papa, wie Du siehst habe ich nicht das gleiche Metallteil gekauft, sondern dieses hier mit Griff, ist bequemer und ich kann dann auch die Tapete damit schoen knicken. Ausserdem war es billiger als die anderen Wasserwaagen. Die Preise sind ja wohl unverschaemt! 15 Pfund fuer dieses hier und frag mich nicht nach den Preisen fuer die Schrauben, ist das Zeugs auch so teuer bei Euch? Ich habe uebrigens nach diesen Scaum Rollen gefragt, aber niemand hatte davon gehoert fuers Tapezieren. Komisches Land. đŸ™‚

On a far more colourful and creative note, I found fabric for my conservatory sofa/guest bed. I got inspired to do a patchwork by IKEA’s Swedish blog, but alas, I have to be realistic: with about a dozen sewing projects on the go and no sewing table right now, how likely am I to ever finish it? Yep, exactly. Unlikely. So I looked round on eBay and what did I find? A sturdy cotton fabric my local IKEA never had in the first place, and it is so different to the funky fabrics I have up on top of the blinds, that it should clash beautifully. Best of all, it was dirt cheap from a seller, who also sold different lengths of it and now I have oodles of meters, enough for the sofa cover, the arm rest and the back cushion covers. This is the fabric:

BTW, the reason why I have to make a new sofa cover is because the purple has faded badly in the conservatory. It’s an extremely comfortable sofa bed (I know, I keep falling asleep on it…) It’s a Beddinge 3 seater from .. yes, of course! IKEA. Nothing I have is from anywhere else. I have been buying furniture in IKEA since the mid 1980s, so there.

P.S. Ich habe eine selbstklebende Folie gefunden von einer Firma, die auf UV Reduktion spezialisiert ist und Folien fuer alles macht, sogar spezial fuer Plastic Wintergarten Daecher. Das werde ich vielleicht mal besorgen, aber nicht jetzt, ist nicht billig.

In my next post I will give a sneak peek of the new sewing room and how it is developing.


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