23.02.2011 – sneak peek of the sewing room re-decoration

My creative endeavour for today might just be a photographic mini-tour of the developments in the sewing room, because I am developing a runny nose and the sneezes, so I might just flump a little and watch a film.

Here we go, disregard the complete chaos, because I’m obviously still storing books and DVDs and computer equipment in the sewing (guest) room, but you can already see lots of changes. It now has the furniture from the living room, all the olde worldy Leksvik, which fits perfectly in with the beautiful fabric and the Medieval inspired decoration. I already love it, especially the fact that I will have all my sewing, costumes, crafts, history books in my sewing room. It also – strangely – looks bigger with the new arrangement.

At first, the guest sofa bed, which hasn’t changed and neither has the tapestry. It’s still full of DVDs being stored there, and trust me, if you are looking for a specific one it WILL be in the last pile. I found that out yesterday.

Next up, the buffet and book shelf I moved from the living room.

The two Expedit-sized IKEA boxes (red Lekman) are now beside the sofa. Look, my grandma’s Lebkuchen chest has still pride of place.

P.S. Oma’s Nuernberger Lebkuchen Truhe ist natuerlich immer noch schoen zur Schau gestellt.

Ha! And now comes the main bit I am working on: a custom-made sewing table. You can see the dresser that I moved to the corner here.

I fixed it safely to the wall and the side of the dresser will be one of the sides where the tables is fixed onto.

And here are the bits of wood I am using to make a sewing machine table out of: the leftover book shelf! 🙂 I’ve already glued & nailed two shelves together to create the right depth I want, now I just have to secure it with batons and use the side of the book shelf as a side of the table (chopped, of course), and an oak banister from the DIY shop as safety leg. Never shall it be said I don’t jump into projects feet first, aye?

P.S. ich mache gerade aus dem uebrig gebliebenen dritten Buecherregal (eines habe ich einer Freundin vermacht) einen Naehtisch fuer die schwere Naehmaschine (alles doppelt und dreifach gesichert)  der zu den Moebeln passt. Zwei Platten habe ich schon zusammengeleimt und geschraubt, muss jetzt noch weiter gesichert werden. Die Seite des Buecherregals wird zur gekuerzten Tisch Seite. Das macht Spass!

P.P.S. Mama braucht sich nun wirklich keine Sorgen um mich und die “Maschinen” machen. 🙂


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