25.02.2011 – where the meatballs roam wild and free

In IKEA, of course. 🙂

Lured by the promise of a small meatball meal with free water and free hot drink (via IKEA’s family card) I ventured to the Temple of Swedish Furnitureness from work. I’m lucky, because IKEA is in the opposite direction from work to home, and it’s only 15 minutes away, even with heavy traffic on Edinburgh’s bypass. The thing is, there is only so much one can research on a website, one just has to see things in the flesh, so to speak. Also, the one thing I find annoying about IKEA is that their website, the stock prognosis, and what they actually have in the shop is not necessarily the same. Especially for fabric, forget it, it’s the luck of the draw.

So what did I find while wandering around? Incidentally, they changed the layout at the store and I walked into a “fake” wall where they had built a display room. Oooops. Anyway, I saw a drawer unit for under the desk I am building, and it’s only about 20 quid. Bargain! Lovely red, metal, and will fit perfectly. I immediately grabbed it. It’s the Helmer unit.

I got a superlicious bargain, because in the bargain bin/as-is area, they had a packet of two large white Pax boards for 2 quid. Hoorah! This will come in very handy for building some of the furniture.

I also got 4 Gubbskaer bathroom mats, which will be trimmed and sewn together to be fixed onto the Kolon mat I use for the computer desk area to protect the laminate flooring (which I don’t like any more either, but let’s not go there for now). I never liked that mat, it is a magnetic for dirt and looks yucky within days. The rubber backed mats should make a very colourful alternative, and a bargainous one for around 4 quid per mat.



2 thoughts on “25.02.2011 – where the meatballs roam wild and free

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