26.02.2011 – Preparation Shmeparation

Owwww! That’s me done for the night. Washed the filler dust from the walls, then put sealant on the bare plaster of the sealant. Ow ow ow ow ow! Hours of painting the ceiling with a big brush, with Ohnesorg Theater on the comp in the background. OWWWWW again. But I’ve had a TENS unit session already, and am ensconced on the sofa, watching Blackadder.

Proper preparations in DIY are just like the ones in sewing: they take three times as long as the actual fun and fancy things – and are immensely important. It’s the preparation, the priming and sanding, the sealing and filling, that makes the end product look really good.

Anyway, I have a tip here: don’t use PVA when sealing bare plaster on a ceiling. Now, you might think I’m talking rubbish, but the following happened. The little  independent DIY shop in my town told me not to use PVA but a Dulux sealant. The 1 litre cost 13 quid in the wee shop, and 15 in the big DIY ones. My plasterer told me that this was silly, I should give the pot back and he then mixed up PVA for me. So I trotted back to the shop, but they explained that the new emulsion paints these days  react with the PVA and that’s why one should use the Dulux one. Okay, I have no idea if this is true BUT I recommend the far more expensive Dulux one to anyone who isn’t on the most stringy of shoe string budgets: it’s great.

This sealer is not as liquid as the PVA, but is slightly more viscous, which means you and your room don’t end up covered in sticky, liquid goo. Also, it is a very pale blue when wet, so you know easily where you’ve already been, and dries transparent. The 1 litre did the whole room, which is (according to my dad’s flawless measurements) 18.45 square meters. I have a little bit left, so I reckon it does definitely 19, if not up to 20 square meters.

P.S. Ich habe dann doch das teure Dulux Zeug benutzt, weil das Laedchen es mit ans Herz gelegt hat, und was bin ich froh! Nicht so fluessig, daher keine Tropfen, keine Sauerei, es ist hellblau wenn fluessig, also weiss man wo man schon war, und 1 Liter war genug fuer den Raum. Das waren gut angelegte 13 Pfund.


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