26.02.2011 – Springifying the garden

the weather was lovely, and that is a very rare beast up here in Scotland. So instead of doing lots of DIY inside (at least until it got dark) I was pottering about the garden and springifying it. 🙂

First of, ladies and gentlemen, behold the hardiest pansy and the hardiest chives in the Western hemisphere. They survived weeks of snow and ice, over a foot of the stuff on top of them, and prolonged frost. Meet the Aldi pansy that survived the Big Freeze of 2010, and the Tesco reduced-to-clear chives in a pot that survived numerous salads I made, being plucked and picked at by birds, and finally the Big Freeze as well. I just had a couple and they are delicious.

I shan’t show the winter damage (pots, planters, plants) because that’s too depressing. Onwards and upwards, what’s dead is dead, and it is more important to think about what’s coming back to live.

Some of my colourful spring & summer winter decorations are now back in place, with the mirrors still in the garden shed. That has to wait until there are no more night frosts, and that’ll be a while.


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