27.02.2011 – sewing table is a-go-go!

Finished! I finished it! Even if I say so myself, I am mighty proud of the custom made sewing table that I built out of a Leksvik book case. So proud, in fact, that I am adding a new category “carpentry”.  The bookshelves have been discontinued, by the way, which I find very strange, but there you go.

Thus the bookshelf went from this (old living room incarnation from 2008, notice the Leksvik bookshelves) to the sewing table below. I used up several shelves, several batons, and part of a side.


Remember the sneak peek of the sewing room post? Well, I was busy  and finished the sewing table. Still have to get the cabinet up, but let’s all rejoice in the sturdy table. The bets of it all? It didn’t cost me one single pence! Granted, at some stage I had acquired all the bits and bobs, but for building this table, I didn’t have to buy anything. From the wood (the bookshelf), to the wood glue (that old, it’s from Aachen in Germany, where I lived until 2000, and it is still in Deutschmark, so before the Euro, but the Ponal glue is still perfect), to all the screws, rawl plugs, metal plates (re-purposed from something the ex-husband had built), the wood filler and finally the oak coloured varnish to touch up exposed bits. I had everything in the house.

How’s that for being frugal?

And here, for your entertainment, is a wee photo story of the carpentry journey.

P.S. Ich bin fertig! Und das ganze hat nicht einen pence gekostet, ich hatte alles, from Kleber (Ponal, noch mit DM in Aachen gekauft) Schrauben, Farbe, alles. 🙂 Ich bin ziemlich stolz.


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