02.03.2011 – planning and drawing

I spent the day in a conference, and I am one of those odd people who concentrate best and listen most effectively when occupying my eyes and hands with something very focused. The other option is to close my eyes, but I prefer to make notes or doodle or do anything else on paper, while listening attentively. Drawback is that people in meetings probably sometimes think I don’t pay attention at all, while in fact the exact opposite is the case.

So, anyway, back to the drawings and the planning. You may all laugh now, you people who are professionals, but for me the visualisation works, because the details are all in my head. So, here they are, if you fancy, you can try and make any sense of it. It’s all crystal clear to me … (tip: it’s ideas and plans for the desk hacked from two IKEA Vika Amon and other bits, and for floating DVD shelves hacked from four IKEA Lack tables that were on offer for £2.99).


P.S. Anbei meine Zeichnungen (Ideen) fuer den Schreibtisch und Regale fuer die DVDs. Ich hatte Zeit waehrend der Konferenz diese Woche. 🙂


2 thoughts on “02.03.2011 – planning and drawing

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