05.03.2011 – sewing room and living room progress

I would have posted this yesterday, if the living room progress hadn’t – almost literally – broken my back. Well, not broken, but we’ll get there. Saturday was one of those mega achieving days, which are also mega stupid, because of the back breaking woe that followed. But let’s stick to what I did on Saturday.

This is the living room progress, the painting that went on for hours and was A Very Bad Idea and which taught me that I need to pace myself. It doesn’t matter how long this DIY and redecorating project takes. I do have arthritis, I am in my 40s, and if I do too much I have to pay with being “broken”. That’s no fun, and thus from now on I shall do bits, not mega bobs. 🙂

So that’s the first coat done. I will be taking my time with the next ones.

I also mended some of my clothes and finished work on the skirt I was going to wear on Sunday to the Highschool Hop .. which I never managed to get to. Pah.

Most importantly, I more or less finished the sewing room, all that is left now is to add a little extra security to the hanging cabinet, to daub some paint onto the wall and the fixings, and then I can get my sewing machine back out. Hoorah!

I put the wee apothecary drawers onto the wall opposite to the bookshelf and the buffet. It houses my sewing threads.

The glass cabinet is up now, and I can tell you that it was no mean feat to do on my own. Even with the shelves out and the doors off it was rather heavy and very unwieldy, but I am nothing if not determined. Unfortunately the plaster board wall is ridiculously thin, because of the built in wardrobe on the other side, and even the super duper special rawl plugs aren’t quite enough. I am going to add more metal brackets. Sod the look, I rather not have it come down on my sewing machine, or worse, my head.

Note the nifty scissor hanger. 🙂

I wanted to put my costume DVDs into the sewing room (historical films such as Draughtman’s Contract) and had to adjust a glass shelf for that, it wouldn’t have been high enough otherwise. Very pleased that my new wood drill set (thank you, Aldi! I also got a metal and a masonry one for completion) came into good use.

The wall clock is the one I used to have in the living room when it was olde worldy Hobbity. It fits rather nicely now, doesn’t it? So much space for sewing bits and bobs, I am a happy DIYler.


4 thoughts on “05.03.2011 – sewing room and living room progress

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    • Thank you 🙂 I am rather pleased with it myself, it feels very warm, welcoming and comfy. It doubles, of course, as a guest room as well.

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